Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Landon's 1st dentist visit and update on Houston

Today Landon had his first dentist appointment. I had every intentions of taking him, but I was at the hospital with Houston, so Jason picked him up from school and took him. We both were a little worried about today. Wasn't sure how he would handle someone poking around his mouth and brushing his teeth. Jason called me after the appointment and said Landon did awesome. That he could have not been better. He let the dentist count and brush his teeth, he also let them pour the water in his mouth and have it suctioned out. I was completely shocked at the news of how well he did. Since Jason took him of course there are no pictures so I had to get one afterwards.
Showing me his clean teeth
 Silly boy
 The dentist did ask if Landon sucks his thumb or still takes a pacy. We said that he still takes a pacy (boo). He noticed Landon's front teeth are starting to stick out and get an overbite due to sucking on a pacy. He only takes it at nap or night, but i guess it still effects his teeth. So I guess we are starting cold turkey tonight and taking away his boo. Going to be a LONG night. Pray for us. ;o)

I visited Houston this morning. He is still doing AMAZING. As of last night he is 2lbs. 13.5oz. and is up to 24cc's a feeding. No new changes all he has to do is sleep, eat and grow.

When I left him this afternoon, this is the position he was in
All your prayers are working. His progress has been amazing so the power of prayer works. Keep praying prayer warriors!

And congratulations to our friends John and Heather. They welcomed baby girl Sula Elizabeth this afternoon. Mom, baby, dad and big brother Colt are all doing well. http://wineanddiapers.blogspot.com/

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  1. Tiffany! Just catching up! Thanks for the congratulations :) And Houston looks great in that picture. Cant believe he is a month old. Glad he continues to grow and thrive. You guys are in our prayers!