Saturday, October 1, 2011

3lbs and ready to start a new month

We had a milestone two days ago with Houston, he hit the 3lb mark. As of last night he weighed 3lbs 1oz. I am so happy to leave September behind and go into October. I feel that October is going to be our biggest month with milestones. When Houston weighs 3lbs 8oz he can start to wear clothes, which at the rate he is gaining weight should only be in 2 weeks or less. When he starts to wear clothes his temperature monitor comes off and the clothes will help him regulate his body temperature. This month he will also start trying to take a bottle. Usually the NICU likes to start bottle's at or around 34 weeks gestation and Houston will be 31 weeks on Monday, so hopefully in 2-3 weeks we can start bottle feeding him. We hope and pray he takes the bottle easily, for most preemie babies the bottle is what holds them back from going home later than sooner. I also think they will move him up to the 8th floor to the Lily Pad which is the last room babies go to before going home.
Next week Houston will get another brain ultrasound. It's routine that babies get one when they are 2 weeks old and then another at 4 weeks old. His first one came back normal. He will also get a vision screening next week which is also routine. So I pray his vision is normal.
His oxygen went down to 1 liter. This just helps keep his lungs open and helps him breath a little better while his lungs try to mature. He is still breathing on his own, but still having little spells, about 2-3 a day which is normal.
I cant believe that September has come and gone and Houston will be 1 month old on Monday. September will always hold a special place in my heart ;o) I am still trying to cope with my emotions, but it gets better every day and were starting to finally get a routine with Landon, hospital and home life. It's getting easier for me to talk about our situation with everyone. I have been avoiding public places in our community just in case I see someone I know that knew I was pregnant and gives me that look of I thought she was pregnant or she doesn't look big enough to be in her third trimester and then I have to explain how he came early while holding back tears. So I have finally ventured out and when people ask I am able to tell them about Houston and how well he is doing without crying and making them feel uncomfortable.
Landon has been amazing and getting excited for Houston to come home. He keeps asking when he is coming home and is looking forward to helping mommy with baby Houston. Cold and flu season started today so Landon will not be able to see Houston till he comes home. Anyone under the age of 12 is not allowed and only parents or grandparents are allowed in the NICU.

Were taking Landon camping tomorrow so were all looking forward to getting out of the house and enjoying the start of fall weather. He are staying local of course, so we can still visit Houston everyday.

For now I will leave you pictures of my sweet boys

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