Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Houston is 1 month old

Houston turned 1 month old yesterday on October 3rd. This has been the longest month of my life, but also the shortest. I am praying October is a good month for us and we have more ups than downs. Here is what has been going on with Houston in the last few days.
Saturday, October 2nd he required a blood transfusion. Jason and I were both at the hospital when the doctor delivered the news. I just broke down crying thinking that this is such a set back. We have been here for 4 weeks and he's been doing so well and all the sudden he needs a blood transfusion. When you tell someone their baby needs a blood transfusion you immediately think the worst, like this is the worst thing that could happen to him and us. As I am crying, the doctor and nurses proceed to tell us why he needed this. Houston's anemia level was 23, normal level is at high 30's or low 40's. His little body was not producing enough red blood cells which carries the oxygen through his blood. This low anemic level and little red blood cells was causing him to also have more spells (stop breathing while sleeping). So he really needed this blood transfusion to help with his spells and just make him feel better. He had three sets of red blood cells through a 24 hour period. The red blood cells he was given was around 2oz. split up in three separate syringe. So no bags were involved. The last syringe was given last night and when I went to visit him today he was doing AMAZING. His color was back to normal and he only had one spell within a 12 hour period. So the transfusion seems to have worked. During the transfusion they had to stop feedings and give him food through IV during this time. So today they started back this feedings to half and will start full feedings tonight.
So needless to say the last two days have been an emotional roller coaster
Some good news also happened during this time. He had another brain scan and it came back normal with no brain bleeds. His vision screening came back great as well. As soon as his IV is out tomorrow and back to full feedings they are going to move him upstairs to the Lily Pad which is one step closer to going home.

His weight is up to 3lbs 1oz (he lost an ounce during the transfusion) and his length is 16"
Houston at 1 month old

 Nana and Houston
 Sweet angel sleeping in Nana's arm's

I thank God for this miracle baby and all the good he has done through Houston, but I also still have lots of questions and doubts. I don't know why he brought this sweet baby into the world so early and I am still trying to cope with all the questions I have for him and all the ones I would love to have answers for. During the transfusion I kept asking why us, what did I do, why does he want to punish us? Houstin is just a little innocient baby who did nothing to deserve being born so early and having to go through the weeks and months of a hospital stay. I was MAD, very MAD, but today has been a good day and all I wanted to do was just hold my baby.

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  1. Oh Tiffany, this just brought tears to my eyes. I can't even imagine what you are going through, but please know we are praying for you.

    There are never answers to our questions - we just have to trust (which is so hard).