Sunday, March 24, 2013

Special Kids Race 15K

Yesterday morning a few friends and I ran a local 15k which is 9.3 miles. It was a great race and the weather was on our side. The course was flat and pretty easy. We raced for an organization called Special Kids, that help support local kids in our area who have special needs. Great weather, great friends, great course and a great cause. It couldn't get better than that.

Pre-race breakfast 
All the 15K runners
Love these ladies from my running club
We started the race together and we finished the race together
Our official time was 1:40, with an average pace of 10:44 minute per mile
Adding to the collection. 

I loved this race and will run it next year for sure

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's day. I actually woke up this morning getting clothes ready for church and last minute realized it was St. Patty's Day. So I re-picked our clothes for the day to make sure we all had our green on. After church service we had an Easter egg hunt to attend. Our friends have this Easter hunt and lunch at their house for the past 4 years. It's so fun and the boys really enjoy going each year. They serve finger foods, have a bounce house, Easter bunny, Easter egg hunt and lots more.

Houston ready to hunt Easter eggs
This kid always has food in his hands
My big boy enjoying one of the bounce houses
They LOVED the Easter bunny
Checking out the loot from the hunt

LOVE these boys
Trying to get a picture with my boys
Trying to get a family photo
Trying again

All the kids at the Easter party

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Tom King Half Marathon

This morning I woke up bright and early at 5:15 a.m. to be ready to run in my 3rd half marathon (13.1 miles) at 7:30 a.m. The weather was perfect for runners and the course was fast, flat and fun.

A runner's breakfast
Timing chip on
Bib number
The girls and I before the race inside the Titans Stadium in downtown Nashville
Our running group right before the start. We had runners in the 5K race and the half marathon 
Stacee and I finishing up the race. The finish line was inside the Titans stadium on LP field. The last .10 of the race was on the green grass

Sprinting to the end
At the finish line on the jumbo tron tv
Crossing the finish line
 The finish line inside the stadium
Stacee paced me the entire race and hung in there with me the whole 13.1 miles. She was my rock the entire way. Here we are outside the stadium with our medals
Nothing like a little Cracker Barrel for a post race meal

My official time was 2 hours 24 minutes. I knocked off 4 minutes from my previous half marathon last month at 2:28. My next half is April 20 in Carmel, IN. I hope to be in the time of 2:20 or below. 

I'm feeling good tonight and SO ready for bed.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

18 months: Houston's half birthday

My little Houston turned 18 months on March 3. 
Hard to believe that just 18 months ago he was my 2 lb 7 oz, 26 week preemie

Just a few days old; September 2011
March 2013
He has come such a long way in his 18 months of life. He is an amazing little guy that is just a pure blessing to our family
We are so in LOVE with his little guy

and we are in LOVE with this guy too
This is Landon at 18 months, the same age Houston is now
And this is Landon today at 3 months away from turning 5 years old

Just a few stats on Houston for my records:

Weight: 24 to 25 lbs
Diaper size 4
Clothes size 18 to 24 months
Shoe size 6 wide
Eats everything, NOT a picky eater
Typical toddler and into everything
blue eyes
red hair
LOVES balls and remote controls 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Random (iPhone dump)

Today's post is going to be all over the place and its just a bunch of pictures from my iPhone.

One day last week I was folding laundry in the bedroom and noticed Houston being very quiet. I went to look for him and he was laying on our floor just resting and chewing on his blanket.
He seriously laid like this for about 20 minutes. Just enough time for me to finish the laundry ;o)
Being 18 months old is hard work
One of my co-workers gave Landon these Iron Man blow up bopper things
He LOVES them and we "bop" every night
This kid cracks me up. He literally eats ALL day and he will eat anything. My kids are defiantly NOT picky eaters. He has figured out how to open doors and yesterday he opened the pantry door and got into the trash can. He pulled out an apple core and started to chew on it. Luckily I just threw it in there. I let him chew on it long enough to get a picture to show daddy.
You know your a mom of a toddler when all your toilet paper rolls in your house look like this
I'm still keeping up with my running. Here are a few members of my running club. We ran 7 miles this morning while the snow was coming down. It was a beautiful run and the company was great.
  A few of us have also started running on Sunday afternoon. We have been averaging about 15 runners every week.

So I decided to run another half marathon next Saturday in downtown Nashville. So that is 3 half marathons in 3 months. I guess you can say I am addicted ;o)

Happy Saturday!