Thursday, October 17, 2013

Color Run 5K

So the day after my half marathon, Jason, Landon and I ran the Color Run 5K (3.1 miles) This was mine and Jason's 3rd time running this race and Landon's first ever 5k race.

My little runner the morning of the race. He was so excited and ready to go
At the stadium
Landon wanted to take our picture before the race

About .25 miles into the race his feet started to "hurt" and Jason ended up carrying him some
Jason's sister, his nephew and wife, along with our family friend joined us as well
We had a great time with them

My little family, minus Houston who was with our neighbor that morning
It was fun walking this race with my little family. I was just as excited as Landon was about completing his first ever 5K

Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Murfreesboro Middle Half Marathon

Yesterday morning I ran my 6th half marathon or 13.1 miles. It was great weather and a good semi-flat run.

My running group the morning of the race
Alesia and I standing at the starting line
At mile 4 or 5 and feeling good
Towards the end
We finished 13.1 miles all before 9:30 am
Jane, myself and Sandy. We all meet through running. I love these ladies
 Same race exactly 1 year ago. This was my first half marathon Oct. 2012. 

I did not get a PR (personal record) for my half marathon time, but I did PR by 14 minutes from last years race. Over all it was a great day and run.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Nashville Women's Half Marathon

This past Saturday several ladies from my running club along with myself ran the 13.1 miles through HILLY downtown Nashville. The weather was perfect for running that distance and the company along the course was great.

All the ladies before the race
My good friend Suzanne was able to get a bib into the race 24 hours before. She decided to do the run with me. She did not train so we just did a fun run for the whole 13.1

All the women at the starting line. There were probably several more thousands of ladies behind me.
Suzanne and I had a great time on this course. We stopped at all the water stops, walked the hills and stopped at mile 10 for this picture
Running past the capital at mile 11 or 12
Were finished!!
Showing off our race bling and enjoying the champagne at the finish line
Hands down the best medal I have ever received. A must race for next year. 

My next half marathon is next weekend, Oct. 12 in Murfreesboro. Two half marathons within 2 weeks of each other. Bring it on!! ;o)