Saturday, July 31, 2010


We are officially in Pull-ups and are in full potty training mode. BYE BYE diapers!!

He likes to wear them around the house

He tells me when he has a "pee pee" or a "poo poo", but tells me after he has done his business. So I am just taking him whether or not he has to go and if he does go he gets a treat. We will see how it goes.

Landon and I start school on Aug 9Th. He will be in the 2's class this year. His class sleeps on nap mats this year, they eat at a table and they also have a little potty for them. I also have him signed in a tumbling class this year. You have to be 2 years old to attend. I know he will really enjoy it and hopefully get some of that 2 year old energy out.

Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just being CUTE

Just a few snap shots of little man being cute during lunch time.

Dipping his chip in ketchup

He LOVES his new sit 'n' spin


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Small group farewell

A sweet couple from our small group is moving back home to Idaho. Saturday night we all ate at Chili's with kids in tow. Afterwards we came back to our house and just enjoyed talking and watching the kids play.

Matt, Fallon and baby Zoey

Small group ladies

Small group guys

Landon, Zoey and I

We will miss you Poston's and hope to see you soon!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday morning ER visit

Well it took 2 years and 1 week for Landon to have his 1st ER visit.
I was in our laundry room ironing our clothes for church this morning when Landon came running in and tripped and fell on to the floor. Well he got up and cried and I was like "your OK your OK". When I looked down there was blood all over the floor, like gushing out blood coming from his toe. He sliced his toe open on the medal pan that is underneath our washing machine. I knew that was a safety issue, but never got around to fixing it, until today. We tried to stop the bleeding, but it just kept gushing out even with pressure applied. So we made the decision to take him to the ER. We were in a hurry so I didn't even think to bring my camera. They took x-rays of his toe and washed his laceration as they called it. The cut was in a awkward spot on the bottom of his toe so they could not sew stitches. They had to glue his cut together and then his toe to his foot so the cut did not open. One hour, 1 spoonful of Motrin and 1 Popsicle later we were good as new.

The best I could do with a 2 year old

I think he will survive

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Swimming Lessons

Landon completed his 2 week swim lessons today. Daddy took off work early to show him what he learned.

Landon and his swim buddy Olivia, who is also our neighbor

Holding on to the side and climbing out by himself

Just jumped in the pool and swimming to the wall

Hanging out with mommy

Playing with a water gun

Free play

Getting his swim card

Getting his dolphin stamp

Daddy and Landon

We completed the mommy and me class

His 1st swim card

Next year he will be old enough to participate in swim lessons without me. YEAH!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

First big boo boo and organizing toys

Landon got his 1st big boo boo that actually required a band-aide over the weekend. He was riding his 4 wheeler

when his foot got caught in between the tire and the concrete as he was still pushing the GO button

of course its in the worst spot on his foot. He will not keep a band-aide on it nor will be keep shoes on. We have been going barefoot for the last few days. He keeps pointing to it saying "boo boo" and is proud to show everyone that is willing to look. He is tough! It does not seem to bother him anymore except for the shoes rubbing against it. He is proud of his tire burn.

I have been going through all his great birthday gifts this week and trying to organize them the best way I can to keep his toy room in some order.
Wal-Mart has all their plastic bins and containers on sale right now for back to school. SCORE!!

Red tub for his tall toys

Bin for all his trucks and cars

All his food and dishes that go with his kitchen

Art supplies

Just being CUTE!!

Two more weeks till back to school!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Landon's 2nd birthday party

Landon had a great 2nd birthday party. It was a beautiful day with no rain in sight. Here are a few picture's from his day.

Birthday cake

Lemonade stand

Fruit tray

Food table

Mickey Mouse peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

Hot diggity dogs

Party favors

Mickey Mouse coloring book and crayons

Mickey Mouse bounce house

Tent area

Landon jumping

Water area

Blowing out his candles

YUM cake

Opening gifts

All of his great toys

We are so blessed to have great family and friends share this special day with us. I really cant believe Landon is 2 years old. Until next year!!