Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday morning ER visit

Well it took 2 years and 1 week for Landon to have his 1st ER visit.
I was in our laundry room ironing our clothes for church this morning when Landon came running in and tripped and fell on to the floor. Well he got up and cried and I was like "your OK your OK". When I looked down there was blood all over the floor, like gushing out blood coming from his toe. He sliced his toe open on the medal pan that is underneath our washing machine. I knew that was a safety issue, but never got around to fixing it, until today. We tried to stop the bleeding, but it just kept gushing out even with pressure applied. So we made the decision to take him to the ER. We were in a hurry so I didn't even think to bring my camera. They took x-rays of his toe and washed his laceration as they called it. The cut was in a awkward spot on the bottom of his toe so they could not sew stitches. They had to glue his cut together and then his toe to his foot so the cut did not open. One hour, 1 spoonful of Motrin and 1 Popsicle later we were good as new.

The best I could do with a 2 year old

I think he will survive


  1. I dread the day when we first take Colt to the Emergency Room! But it sounds like you handled it great. Glad the little guy is ok!

  2. Poor little guy! And that's crazy that you know Diana too!