Wednesday, July 21, 2010

First big boo boo and organizing toys

Landon got his 1st big boo boo that actually required a band-aide over the weekend. He was riding his 4 wheeler

when his foot got caught in between the tire and the concrete as he was still pushing the GO button

of course its in the worst spot on his foot. He will not keep a band-aide on it nor will be keep shoes on. We have been going barefoot for the last few days. He keeps pointing to it saying "boo boo" and is proud to show everyone that is willing to look. He is tough! It does not seem to bother him anymore except for the shoes rubbing against it. He is proud of his tire burn.

I have been going through all his great birthday gifts this week and trying to organize them the best way I can to keep his toy room in some order.
Wal-Mart has all their plastic bins and containers on sale right now for back to school. SCORE!!

Red tub for his tall toys

Bin for all his trucks and cars

All his food and dishes that go with his kitchen

Art supplies

Just being CUTE!!

Two more weeks till back to school!!

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