Friday, October 14, 2011

Remembering Maddie

I have been following this blog for several months now, Their daughter died of SIDS in February and today would have been her 1st birthday. My heart goes out to her parents and I just cant imagine what they are going through. So in honor of Maddie, her mother asked her followers to wear pink on her 1st birthday. So today I wore my pink and prayed for Maddie and her family.

I pray for all the mom's out there who have sick children or children who have passed away. A parent should NEVER have to bury their child. Her story has helped me be a better mom and not take our children, our loved ones or ourselves for granted. As a mother who has a child currently in the hospital, I am so grateful and thank God everyday that he is here with us, healthy and thriving and will come home in just a few short weeks. Thanks Maddie for being our children's guardian angel.

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