Friday, October 21, 2011

New bed

Last night Houston was able to be moved into an open crib. NICU babies have to be at least 4lbs. 2oz. and maintain their own body heat for a few days before being moved out of the isolate.

Houston in his new bed

Home away from home

I cant believe we have come far enough for him to be healthy and stable enough to be in a well baby bed. As of last night he weighed 4lbs. 5oz. Today he took his best bottle all week. He took 35cc in 20mins and did AMAZING! He did so well that his doctor increased his feedings to 37cc and up to 2 bottles a day.
This afternoon, Jason and I watched two out of the four videos we have to watch before taking Houston home. His doctor told me yesterday that we probably have about three weeks left in the hospital as long as he continues to take his bottle and has to be spell free for five days. So our list of things to do before going home keeps getting shorter every week.
Just keep praying Houston continues to take his bottle well and our check off list of going home keeps getting shorter.


  1. Amazing! I can't wait to hear the good news that he is coming home!