Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bath time and rock star

Today Jason and I were able to give Houston a bath. This was not his first bath, but the first time we are there for bath time.

Loving his warm bath. He just fit right in the bucket perfectly.
 Drying off. He was so awake and alert during his bath time. I think he really enjoyed the warm water ,getting out of his isolate and hanging out with mommy and daddy.
He kept looking around and wanting to see everything that was going on around him
This picture cracks me up, because it was right after bath time. He got a clean diaper and clean leads (heart monitors on his chest) and I think he was just wore out from all the excitement. He slept for the next 3 hours and did not move one inch. haha ;O)

The doctors made their rounds early today while Jason and I were both at the hospital. I really like this doctor and she was super sweet, great personality and seemed to be very smart and knew what she was talking about. Anyway, after she looked at his charts she came to us and said "Houston is a rock star". She said that his lungs are still clear along with his belly and heart. He's breathing on his own, mild spells and taking feedings like a champ. She was very impressed how well he was doing with only being at this point 29 weeks gestation. She just told us all he needs to do right now is grow and gain some weight. That's our little ROCK STAR!

Speaking of weight, as of last night he is past his birth weight and now weighs 2lbs. 9oz. 


Keep the prayers coming, prayer warriors!!

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