Monday, September 19, 2011

Houston is 2 weeks old

Just a little update on Houston's progress from the last few days.

Last night they weighed him and he is back to his original birth weight to 2lbs 7oz. In the last 2 weeks he has grown 1/2 inch so his length as of last night is 15 3/4 inches.

Today when the doctor's made their rounds one of them mention to me about giving Houston 22cc's of high fat/calorie formula twice a day. One 22cc's in the morning and one 22cc's at night. He eat's 8 times a day (every 3 hours) so 6 of those feedings are my milk with fortifier in it and the other 2 feedings are going to be the high fat/calorie formula. Since breast milk is like drinking skim milk he needs something more high calorie to plump him up. Im not a fan of him having formula this early in his life, but it makes since and we really want him to gain the weight he needs to come home. Since he missed out on all the 3rd trimester growing he needs the extra calcium, iron and fat that I cannot provide him. So I guess we are going to start the 2 formula needs soon.

Emotionally today was an ok day. I did have one little mommy meltdown moment as I was leaving the hospital. It just does not get easier to leave him behind everyday. It's just not natural for mommies to leave their babies in the hospital. I hate that he is there and I hate driving downtown everyday in traffic, but I know he needs me and I need him.

Another day closer to taking him home. Hopefully in November!

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