Friday, September 2, 2011

Good mail day

Today was a good mail day because I received 2 special items in my mailbox this afternoon.

First the thing I opened up was Houston's coming home blanket and outfit

 Here they are together and match perfectly. I found the set on etsy and LOVE them.
 The second package I opened was my new necklace I blogged about a few days ago. Cant wait to wear this when our second boy gets here.
 Earlier this week I picked this cute and soft blanket up from a local store that monograms.
 Yesterday a sweet friend gave me this super cute crocheted hat. Houston is going to look so cute in this for the fall/winter months
 Lastly, my mother-in-law found a brown shag rug for the nursery. I really like it, but I think I am wanting one or two sizes bigger. I'm still thinking about that one.
It's getting so real with all these baby things coming into our home.

Have a happy weekend!!

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