Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New necklace with both my boys name

In March, I bought myself an early mother's day present. It's a necklace with Landon's name and birthstone on it from When it arrived I LOVED it.

When I received the necklace in the mail I was pregnant with baby #2, but had no idea.

Last week I sent back the pendant with Landon's name on it so she could add a pendant for Houston and his possible birthstone. If he comes early or late she is going to let me switch birthstones. She added a picture on her FB page of the finished product and I will be getting it back this week.

I am so happy with my necklace and still cant believe I will be having 2 boys in just a few short months. If you are looking for any super cute personalized jewerly, clothes, bags, drinkware, etc.. check out her website or like her on FB. She is great to work with and super talented.

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  1. I wondered what you would do if the baby was born in a different month. Glad she will switch it out!