Monday, August 1, 2011

3 year doctor visit

Today, Landon had his 3 year doctor visit. He was such a big boy going to the doctor's office.
I told him if he was good during the trip I would get him a treat. We waited about 20 mins in the lobby and he did wonderful. Then they called us back and he got weighed, measured for height and had his temperature checked. He continued to be a good boy.

His doctor came in and asked him to draw a circle and a cross.
I helped him write his name
Ready to go home
His doctor just went over the basic of what we should be working on with him and what to expect from him at his age. Here are some stats:

Weight: 38.8lbs 95% percentile
Height: 38 1/2"  75% percentile
He can ride a bike with training wheels
He can say his whole name
He can draw a circle and a cross (kinda)
He knows all his body parts
He knows a few colors (red, blue, green)
He knows his age and can hold up 3 fingers for his age
He knows Jason and mines full name
He is NOT a picky eater and eats ALL foods
He's potty trained (PTL)
He can dress himself and put his own shoes on
He can unlock all doors and has learned how to open the garage door
He is very independent
He can brush his own teeth with a little help. Dr. recommend we need to take him to dentist at this age 

This is just a few things we went over today with the doctor. I know its boring, but I want to remember these things.

After we left we headed over to the pharmacy and he picked out Skittles for his treat. ;o)

Over all it was a great experience for the both of us and I'm happy and blessed to have a healthy, smart and active 3 year old.

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