Monday, August 8, 2011

Back to school

Today Landon and I had our 1st day back to school. We both had a great day and look forward to a new school year.

Cookies Landon handed to his new teachers this morning

 1st day of 3 year old class
 Showing me his new lunch box and tennis shoes
 Going into the doors for his 1st day of school
He gave me a kiss, walked into his classroom and told me bye. He is such a BIG boy. I walked right down the hall to my classroom thinking how it just seemed like yesterday I was coming back from maternity leave after having Landon and dropping him off in the infant room. Also hard to believe that I will taking another maternity leave in 4 short months or less with baby #2.

I am 23 week pregnant today.;o)  Next week 5 month baby bump post.

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