Saturday, August 13, 2011

Painting has begun

Today Jason started painting Houston's new nursery. I have been back and forth on what color to paint the walls, between brown or blue. Landon has a green room so that color was out. I went into the store looking for brown, but changed my mind and went with blue. I just liked the blue colors the best. It took pretty much all day to tape off the trim and cut in around the edges with two coats. The walls will be done this week and then moving the furniture in its right place.

The colors I am going with are brown, blue, lime green and white. Stripes and polka dots as well. The color blue I picked is called Rushing Stream.
Inside the closet

Up close view of the blue
 On another note: I cant believe I am buying diapers again. Landon has been out of diapers for over a year. It seems so real to be clipping out coupons, looking for deals and buying size newborn and 1 diapers. I know when I start washing clothes and putting them in his closet it will hit me, but I cant wait. ;o)
When the walls are done and furniture is in place I will post more nursery pics.

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