Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sitting at the hospital and lots of progress

Houston as I'm sitting here by your bedside I can't believe you are 11 days old. I can't believe you entered our world 11 days ago and we have been in the hospital for almost 2 weeks. Some days seem to be flying by while others are going so slow. Your daddy went back to work Monday, but luckily I have had my parents here to help. Your progress over the last few days have been AMAZING! Here are a few things you have done just this week.

Yesterday you were moved out of critical care and over to the other side of the hospital in the section they call the pond. The pond is the second to the last step before you go home.

Today your IV came out and now your fluids are going through your mouth tube.

You brain scan came back yesterday and all was clear. No brain bleeds or signs of damage. Praise the Lord!

I saw your doctor today and he checked your little lungs, all clear. He checked your little tummy and yet again all clear.

Your taking 17cc's of mommy's milk and they started adding fat/calories to it to help plump you up. You seem to be taking it well.

Your spells are coming and going and are pretty sporadic, but that's to be expected at your age. (a spell is when he forgets to breath when he sleeps)

Since your IV is gone the only fluids you are getting is mommy's milk, fat/calories (fortifier) and caffeine through your mouth tube. The caffeine is for brain stimulation.

I still can't believe we are here again. Seems like yesterday we were here with your brother. His short 15 days does not seem like nothing compared to the many weeks we are going to be here with you, but that's OK. You are here, healthy and in the best care. You are a fighter and we love you very much.

Mommy is having better days this week emotionally and physically. My csection is healing nicely and I can start back driving on Friday. I'm still having why us and what did I do wrong moments, but as your progress continues to improve so is mine. It's going to be a healing process for both of us for the next few months.

I love you very much Houston and as I sit here at the hospital watching you sleep my heart is filled with love because I'm blessed to have 3 healthy boys in my life.

My new monkey hat. Just a little big for me, but Ill grow into it soon enough.

 Sleeping on my mommy

Kangarooing with mommy

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  1. I am so happy He is making good progress. God is good. I am continuing to pray. Wed. I was at church and a mommy with two little girls asked prayer for you at worship practice. The little girls at 4 and 7 I think. They said they pray for you Houston by name every night before they go to bed. Sweet, sweet is the heart of a child. Just thought you may want to know that. It was a precious moment. Love you guys. See you soon. Tena