Saturday, September 24, 2011

Houston is 3 weeks old

Today Houston turned three weeks old. I cant believe we have been on this journey for that long. The last three weeks have been the longest three weeks of my life and also the fastest. The last three weeks have been the happiest weeks of my life, but also the saddest and most defiantly the most challenging. Like any mom who just had a baby and especially a baby who was born very premature, I have my ups and downs or what I call them my mommy moments. It's still hard to leave the hospital without Houston and I really don't think that will ever change until I actually get to leave with him in my arms. I still have to believe that he was born at 26 weeks 5 days for a reason. A woman who I have never met, but have mutual friends had a premature baby at 30 weeks last year wrote me a very encouraging email. She said that everything that happens to us and our children always passes through the hands of God first. I have to believe that all we are going through is for a reason. We may not know the reason today or tomorrow, but one day the answer will come to us somehow. Its just very difficult when I want answers now.
I want to leave you with a few pictures from today and a few stats on Houston up until today.

Just chillin'

Weight: 2lbs. 11oz. (over birth weight)

He had to start a high calorie formula for a few feedings a day. I am just not producing enough milk for the amount of feedings he is taking.

I am able to hold him for up to 1 hour a day; o)

Moved to a different isolate today for babies that are not in critical care ;o)

Feedings are up to 23cc (30cc in 1oz)
Happy 3 weeks Houston. We LOVE you!!

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