Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Marker Madness

Look who got into the sharpie again

Showing his art work on his nose

This boy LOVES to color

No matter how hard I hide the markers he still seems to find them.

On another note;

The new coffee table went back to American Signature today. I LOVED the table and it is so my style, but the color was way off. Compared to our couch and the entertainment center it looked to black. Since I have to look at it every day and pay for it, I want to be happy with my choice so it went back. I'm still on the look for a new table that matches just right. So this is what I'm looking at now.

I had to show my new pillows. I found these at Ross. The blue and green matched perfectly in our new living room.

1 comment:

  1. He should come play with Lauren. The girl has colored everything under the sun, including the walls and her new picnic table. I hide the markers and crayons and dont get how she finds them. Sheesh!