Friday, August 27, 2010

Lesson learned

I had another lesson learned experience this morning with Landon.
I was leaving Landon at Jason's parents house this morning so I could do some errands. I left the car on to get the AC going while I put the car seat in another car. I knew Landon was in the front seat "driving" and playing with the buttons. All the sudden I heard the car door slam shut. At that moment I just knew he locked the car. I went to check the doors and sure enough he locked all the doors with our little dog locked inside. So my car was running with all the doors locked and Zoey locked inside. OMG!! What do I do? We were not home so I did not have a spare key. The AC was on so I knew Zoey was OK, but the car is running and I have no key. I called the police station and its illegal for them to unlock cars so I had to call a lock smith. The lock smith came and within 2 minutes had my car unlocked. Lesson learned.

1 comment:

  1. beware, there will be a day that he will lock you out of the house too. like that one moment where you're all outside and then you look up and realize he went in and you try to go in and the door is locked. then you have to plead for him to come to the door to open it. i'm sure you can't imagine who that might have been...