Sunday, August 29, 2010

Home sweet home

Jason and I had the opportunity to visit my hometown of Chattanooga, Tn this weekend. We met at UTC and moved to Nashville after graduation. Anyways, Jason's fraternity had a alumni function saturday night so we left Landon with the grandparents and headed to Chattanooga. First we meet some friends for dinner

Shannon, Alicia, Emily and I. Shannon and I met in middle school. Alicia, Emily and I met in high school. So we all have been friends for at least 15 years or more

Alicia, Emily and I were all in each others weddings

Jason and I

After dinner we walked to Chattanooga cupcakes. O my word it was so GOOD!!

So cute!!

We headed to our hotel room around 1:30am. I have not been up that late since Landon was a newborn. I was a trooper and kept going. haha ;o)

This morning we drove to our alma mater, UTC

So much has changed since we graduated 6 years ago. New buildings are going up everywhere. When I was a student we had around 5,000 students. Today they have 10,000 students.

We drove by my old sorority house. ADPi's have been in this lodge since the 1960's. They recently sold the building to UTC and are building a new house that can be lived in

Lot where the new house will be built soon

Fraternity and sorority recruitment was this past week. We drove by Patten Chapel and running out the doors was going on. This is where the freshman going through recruitment accept their bid into a sorority and run out the doors to the sorority they choose. I did this 10 years ago. I cant believe it has been 10 years. It's so fun and very exciting. I will never forgot my time at UTC

Running out the doors

We headed home early. We were missing Landon like crazy. It was great seeing old high school and college friends and visiting our old Alma mater, but I had my time there and Im loving my life right now.

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  1. Ive been wanting to try Chattanooga cupcakes so Im glad you said it's yummy! We are downtown all the time so I'll have to pop in.