Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Just another co-pay

This morning Landon and I were on our way out to do errands. He was sitting in the front seat pretending to drive while I was messing around in the garage. Well I turned around to get Landon in his car seat and lost my balance and fell on the runner of my car. I landed on my left hand and broke it. Yep I am a 28 year old with a broken hand bone. When it happened I knew something was wrong. My mom came to get Landon and I headed to the ER. A two hour wait and three x-rays later I came out with this.

My temporary splint

Hand x-ray

The break on my 4Th finger hand bone. See the black line on the 2ND to the top bone? That is my broken bone.

I have an 8am doctor appointment tomorrow with and orthopedic doctor. More x-rays or cast possibly? I will update tomorrow after my appointment

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  1. oh man that stinks. I hope it heals quickly for ya!