Saturday, May 1, 2010

What a LONG week!!

This has been the longest and most challenging week EVER!!
First of all Jason had to go to Texas this week for work. He left Tuesday morning and returned Friday night. Let me tell you I have a new respect for single mother's. There were several times throughout the week I just wanted to cry. Working part-time and caring for a VERY energetic almost two year old BOY 24 hours a day was very challenging for me.
Tuesday I had to work a few extra hours so Landon and I did not leave school till 4:30pm. We met my mom at Chick-fil-a for kids night at 5pm. Landon acted so terrible we had to pack up our food and head home to finish eating. He kept throwing tantrums, wanted to run around the restaurant and would not sit still for nothing.
Wednesday I had a little girls night out planned. My mom came over to watch Landon for me. When I arrived at my destination I realized I left my 2 month old brand new cell phone on the back of my car while Landon and I were playing outside and drove off with it. I forgo ed GNO and began to backtrack to find my phone. Since it was brand new I wanted to attempt to find it. I didn't have insurance and a new cell phone would cost way to much. Needless to say I did not find it. I pulled off the roads and searched the ditches and still nothing.
Thursday Landon woke up with a 101.9 temperature and was feeling horrible all day. I called in for a sub and stayed home with him. The nice part of the day was that all Landon wanted to do was cuddle. He went to bed that night with a 103.9 fever. Tylenol was not helping him. I was sure he would be up all night, but he slept all night and did not wake up till 7am the next morning. I did find an old phone from two years ago and had that one activated with my number and the one I lost turned off.
FridayLandon woke up fever free and feeling good. I had to get a few errands done for a baby shower Saturday so we headed to Murfreesboro and he did pretty good on the errands. With him I have to get in and get out. There is no shopping around with him. Friday night Jason came home and took over daddy duty. ;o)I had my 1st shower for the day at 7pm
SaturdayWe woke up to terrible rain/hail/thunder storms. Possible tornado's all day. Jason and I have been cleaning and cooking preparing for the baby shower at our home. Jason went out to get the food and drinks and ended up stranded in a parking lot. The roads that surrounded our house were all under water and he could not pass them. Three hours later he finally made it home. The baby shower was postponed till tomorrow, I HOPE. We ended up having 7" of rain today and flooding all over Nashville. More rain and more flooding tomorrow. I am going to try to post a little video of a building floating down I-24 today and smashing into flooded cars.

I am so glad this week is almost over. I did not have time to take any pictures this week of little man. I hope the weather is better tomorrow and we are able to host our couples baby shower. Wish us luck!!

Do you have challenging days like I do with your kids?


  1. The weather was crazy! We went to the aquarium in Chattanooga today and we JUST got home (its past 9:00.) What crazy weather!

  2. Oh, to have been a fly on the wall with you looking for your cell phone in ditches! You are much better than me though, I would have just screw it and had a drink!

    Glad to see that Landon is feeling better - I hate sick babies.

    Round two of crap weather today. I literally had to change clothes after a trip to the grocery store. And we still have more crap to move today!