Sunday, May 2, 2010

Couple's baby shower

Due to bad weather we had to postpone Matt and Fallon's baby shower to today. We still had bad weather today and it is still raining. We were going to have this baby shower through hale or high water. Literally!!
Matt and Fallon are having a little girl named Zoey due at the end of May. Here are a few pictures from our small group couples baby shower

Table with drinks and cake.

Z cookies

Isn't this the cutest cake?

The parent's to be opening gifts

For the rest of the shower we were all glued to this:

The weather in the Nashville area has been horrible. We are under a massive flood watch. The riverside of downtown Nashville is under 50' of water and rising. Thousands of homes are under water and many are without power. Jason and I drove around a few of our streets today and most are clear, but there are many homes with flooded backyards inching up to their home. Several of our interstates to and from Nashville are underwater and all the surrounding schools are closed tomorrow. Our neighborhood has not had the 1st sign of possible flood. We have been very fortunate that we have not been affected by this great Nashville flood of May 2010. Please keep all those who lost their lives, homes or business the last two days in your prayers.

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