Tuesday, January 1, 2013

iPhone photos

Not a lot to blog about today. So I'm just going to post photos from the iPhone from the last few days.

Over Christmas break Houston was diagnosed with RSV. He had to have breathing treatments several times a time for almost a week. Fun times giving a 15 month old breathing treatments
Landon has been enjoying his new chair his nana bought him
 Houston has become obsessed with the remotes along with our iPhones
 I have been able to get a few good runs in over Christmas break. This was Saturday morning when the temperature was about 32 degrees and it was sleeting the whole 7 miles we ran. It may not sound like fun to some, but we had a blast. My second half marathon is Feb. 9th. so I have got to get those runs in.
 Afterwards we ate breakfast at Panera Bread for warm food and drink
The other day on our way home I looked back and saw the boys asleep. It was a nice quiet drive home ;)

I hope everyone had a great New Years Eve and Day. It's cold and rainy here so were are all still in our PJ's  eating pizza and watching movies. We had an amazing 2012 and I really forward to seeing what 2013 has in store for us.

On a side note: Ok so we are going to make the plunge here in the next few weeks and buy a mini van. I have been in my Altima for 7 years and its a great car that I love, but a family of 4 using an Altima as their primary family vehicle isn't cutting it anymore. We need more space. So the plan is Jason is getting my Altima since we bought it new, its in excellent condition and it's paid for. 
I'm looking at 2011 Odyssey or Sienna's. Are their any other vans that I need to look at? Any advice on what features to get or not? I have not bought a car in 7 years. We don't buy new, so it's used for us.

Thanks and Happy New Years

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