Thursday, January 10, 2013


Wow it's been over a week since I last posted. The boys and I started back to school this week after being off for 3 wonderful weeks for Christmas break. So other than going back to school not a lot has happen. There's just a few random things.

So I'm really big into running these days. All my running friends have Garmin watches. I keep up with my pace, distance, calories burned and time with my Run Keeper app on my iPhone, but it got to be hard trying to look at it while running and started to be inaccurate so I found a slightly used Garmin on craigslist. I still have not figured this thing out, but I ran with it last night and really liked it. Lots of great bells and whistles. My second half marathon is in 4 weeks ;o)
Not sure what Landon was doing here, but it kept him busy for a while jumping from one chair to the other. 
Don't you just love the outfit?
My other silly boy was caught climbing into the cabinets the other night. He took most of the pots out of the cabinet and climbed on the top shelf all by himself. He was very happy being in there. 
And in other big news, these beauties arrived at Jason's work today and are being installed in my kitchen on Monday afternoon. I am beyond excited to finally be getting new kitchen appliances. I have been patiently waiting 7 years for them and now they are mine. I actually might enjoy cooking for the next few weeks or at least days. 

We are still looking at mini vans, we got our finance approved today so now were just waiting to find the perfect van for our family. 

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