Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mini Van Mom

Well it's official I am finally a mini van mom. I have been wanting a mini van since I was pregnant with Landon in 2008, but it just never happened. Then we had Houston in 2011 and we really started looking at them, but still never took the plunge just because we both had our cars paid for and really didn't want a car payment, especially since we were having NICU bills coming in. Well after 16 months since Houston's birth we finally bought a mini van. Our family of 4 was just too cramped in my 4 seater Altima.

We purchased a 2012 Toyota Sienna
It's an amazing van and I am absolutely loving it

It's so different from my Altima. I have been sitting low to the ground for 7 years in the Altima so sitting high up in the van is a whole new world to me. 
There's so many fancy buttons, automatic doors and most importantly lots of storage and space
Here is my first picture about to drive the new van
LOVE LOVE LOVE my van and it was so worth the wait ;o)

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  1. I have a Honda Odyssey and I love it! My hubby tried to talk me out of getting it before baby #3 but he finally gave in and now he loves it too. It is so practical and comfortable.It will be so hard to ever go back to any other car. Your van is so nice. Love the color! Yay for minivan Mamas!!