Sunday, October 21, 2012

Nashville Color Run 2012

This morning Jason and I drove to downtown Nashville to run the 5K Color Run. My mother in law spent the night with us last night so Jason and I could get up bright and early this morning to enjoy our day date.

Before we left the house, in our nice clean white shirts

 There were 15,000 runners and walkers

 Great view of the "Batman" building

During the 3 miles, you run through stations like this one where volunteers throw colored chalk like stuff on you. They had pink, orange, blue, yellow and red.
We ran past the Titan's football stadium

The goal is to finish the race all covered in the colored chalk

My friends Ashley and Angela were covered.

It really was the best 5K I have ever ran. It was like a food fight with 15,000 adults. They gave out color packets to throw at each other at the end of the race. 
Another thing that was so great about this run was that is was not timed or chipped. So Jason and I jogged a little, but we mostly walked to just enjoy the scenery, the crowd and each other.

We still defiantly be attending the Color Run next year.

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