Sunday, October 7, 2012

It's officially Fall season at our house

It's officially Fall season at our house when the Fall decorations come out and the mums and pumpkins are on the front porch.
Kitchen decorations

 Dining Room

 Front porch

 New wreath that I am having trouble hanging. Over the door wreath hangers don't work on this new storm door and the wreath is to thick to go in between the front door and storm door. So I used several different kinds of those command hooks and I have come to a conclusion that those things don't work on glass. They will NOT hold my wreath. So I'm still working on a way to hang it and stay put.

 Living room decorations. I saw this little owl at Kohls yesterday and snatched him up. I'm such am impulse buyer, but he is so cute

Happy Fall Y'all

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