Friday, March 26, 2010

Biltmore Mansion

In 2 weeks Jason and I will celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary. We are so excited because we are going to Asheville, NC to visit:

Biltmore Mansion

I can hardly contain myself. I have been wanting to visit Biltmore for years and I am finally going to be able to go. We are going with another couple from our small group who's 5 year anniversary is 7 days after ours. Landon will be staying with Jason's parents for 3 days. We were married on April 9, 2005. I cant believe we have been married for 5 years already.

Our 1st wedding anniversary we went to Gatlinburg, TN for the weekend.

Our 2nd we flew to Vegas for a few days. April 2007

Our 3rd anniversary I was 5 months pregnant with Landon and Jason took me to an overnight stay at a Bed and Breakfast in Franklin, TN. April 2008

Last year we had a 9 month old at home so we just went to dinner.

I am super excited to celebrate our 5 year and going to Biltmore.

Have a good weekend.


  1. You all do it right for your anniversary! I can't believe its been five years! I remember your wedding; and it just doesn't seem that long ago. Have fun; we have never been but need to go sometime. Tell us how it is!

  2. I-40 stops around the Gatlinburg area and resumes around Charlotte, I think. MapQuest should be able to tell you which way to go though (my mom did this week and it was correct). It is not bad, just make sure you have directions before you set out!