Friday, March 12, 2010

Consignment Shopping

Twice a year our community has several consignment shops that open for mom's to shop second hand clothes, toys, shoes, books, movies etc.. There are several in the spring and fall. For the last two weeks I have been consignment shopping and found some great items for Landon.

Clothes!! I cant believe I was shopping in the 24 months and 2T racks.

Books (everything Car's)

I bought this basketball bath toy brand new still in the box for $3.00

Landon will have to sleep on a nap mat next year at mother's day out. I found this mat for $1.00. We will have to practice sleeping on it this summer

$10.00 Diego Car. He LOVES it!! Best $10.00 I have ever spent

And the ultimate find, $6.00 Disney Car chair

Little man enjoying this new chair

Who doesn't love a good deal?


  1. I am intrigued... only Twice a year? Where is this place?

  2. ann, yeah they have one in the spring to buy spring/summer clothes and one in the fall to buy fall/winter clothes. there are several here in smyrna.