Saturday, March 13, 2010

A man after my own heart

I was cleaning yesterday afternoon and Landon decided to help

He found the bowl brush, lifted the seat and began to clean the toilet. I guess he sees me doing this (what seems like ALL the time) so he knew exactly what to do. I was a proud mama. He also likes to take my dust rags and "dust" the furniture, floor and our dog. ha!!

After cleaning he decided to make this mess

This boy LOVES his books

Two weeks ago we were invited to a birthday party at our local pottery place. Landon painted a crown. This is the final results. My son the artist

For the first time in a while we had no plans for the weekend. Tomorrow we have church and grocery store and that is the plan's for the day.

I have 1 more week till spring break!! YEAH!!


  1. He totally has the "busted" look in the first two pictures. Too adorable!

    Love the pottery, found out today that we are getting one close to us soon, yea!

  2. As my friend Sara says he uncleaned!!