Thursday, April 1, 2010

MDO Easter Egg Hunts

I work at our church's Mother's Day Out (MDO) four days a week and I am very fortunate that Landon is able to go with me. Since he goes all 4 days he had two Easter egg hunts at school this year.

Here are the pictures from Wednesday's egg hunt:

Landon and his friends getting a ride to the egg hunt

Little man with his new basket

Dumping all the eggs out

Landon's class at the egg hunt

This is Landon's teacher son, Brandon. Landon climbed up on the table and Brandon wanted to climb up there with him. I love Landon's pose for the camera

Today's egg hunt was outside on the playground

He was interested in the egg's for just a few minutes

Then it was time to play

I hope everyone has a great Good Friday and a Happy Easter weekend.
Remember the reason for the season!!

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  1. We are doing an Easter Egg hunt for Abby on Sunday, so excited! Any ideas of what to put in them (if anything)?