Thursday, April 22, 2010

Potty Training

While I was putting up clothes yesterday Landon was playing in his room. About 10 minutes of playing I heard him crying and water splashing. I knew exactly where he was. I turned the corner to find him standing up in our guest bath toilet with clothes, shoes and socks on. I immediately ran downstairs to get the camera and was able to take these before he got out.

You caught me

His shoes and socks were soaked with water. I was glad he had his play shoes on

The shorts

I don't know why Landon loves the toilet so much. He loves to play in the water and climb up on the seat. Hopefully he will still have this love for the toilet when we start potty training this summer.

Does your kids do things like this?


  1. Abby loves to splash in the toilet. Or throw things in it, then scoop them out!

    As for potty training, I have heard that getting the "kid" seat to go on the toilet is great. My friend that has a girl said that she tried the separate potty and her baby just thought it was a toy. Not sure how to train boys (sitting or standing), but that seat might be an option. I know Ferg sells them!

  2. I am so--- not interested in training Ellie. I had real issues with Emma when we started at two, and things really didn't click and get easy until she was almost 3. If Ellie shows real initiative I will work with her, but I have learned that they tell you when they are ready, and not the other way round LOL!!

  3. we have a seatt thst sits on the actual toilet seat for him. Im not going to push the potty training. We are going to try to introduce it this summer when Im on summer break. im going to let it come naturaly and not stress over it. im so use to buying diapers it would be sad not to buy them anymore. haha