Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekend Wrap up

We have been very busy this weekend. Well Jason has been very busy. Saturday Jason helped a friend move for a few hours in the morning and then came home and unloaded 4 scoops of mulch in our flower beds. My dad came over to help and after they finished we went out to eat dinner and watched the last half of the UT vs. Bama game. I am for UT Jason is a Bama fan. A house divided!! After dinner we headed to Halloween in the Park. Today we went to church, Jason cut the grass, hosted small group at our house and then off the to grocery store. Now we are waiting on Jason's parent's to visit for a few hours. The holiday's are approaching so our weekend's will only get busier.
Our yard looks great so I took a few picture's before all the grass and plants die for the season. Thanks Jason for all your hard work. We love you!!
We hope you had a great fun filled weekend as we did.

Zoey sun bathing

Flower bed

Our house


  1. Your house is so pretty! I was reading your comments on my sister's blog about breast pumps & the bra, haha! I'm going to have to google a "hands free" bra :P