Friday, October 16, 2009

15 months already

O my goodness Landon is 15 months old. Really where does the time go? Jason, Landon and I headed to the doctor this morning for Landon's 15 month wellness exam. He received 3 shots and had to get blood drawn. He did not cry the 1st time when they drew blood, but when they brought those shots out that was a different story. As a mom we NEVER want anything bad to happen to our babies so going to the doctor and seeing him cry because someone is hurting him breaks my heart. At least he will never remember them. We go back when he is 18 months and then again at 24 months. After that he only has to go once a year. YEAH!!
Here are the stats:
24.3 lbs - 50% percentile
31.5 inches - 55% percentile
Long and skinny like his daddy!!
His doctor said he is as healthy as a horse and is right on track with hitting all his milestones at this point.
After the doctor we headed home and as soon as we left the hospital parking lot he was OUT!! Must have been the Tylenol kicking in and all the screaming from shots.
Landon usually always has a fever after shots so today we are staying home and being lazy. I think I might have to make some soup for dinner.
Sunday we are going to our local pumpkin farm. I pray for good weather.

He was asleep as soon as we left the parking lot

Hope you have a great weekend.

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  1. I love the Smyrna pumpkin farm. I may try to bring my kids up for it! We are itching for pumpkin pictures. Happy 15 month birthday big guy! Way to be a trooper!