Friday, October 9, 2009

I hope PETA doesn't see this

Landon and Zoey are always playing together. Landon likes to ride Zoey like a horse and chase her around the house. I'm pretty sure Zoey does not like Landon pouncing on her, but she just sits there and takes it like a champ. I do have to break it up every now and then. Now that Landon is walking and I have to block the doggie door, Zoey has no place to hide. Baby proofing has come in full swing now that little man is in full throttle mode. I have to close all the bathroom doors, because he likes to play with the toilets and take the toilet bolt covers off and chew on them. He likes to eat the rocks from our gas log fireplace. We had to close the doggie door because he likes to crawl out of it. Last week I caught him taking the AC vent out of the floor and dangling his legs in the vent and putting toys down there as well. Loves to roll the toilet paper off the roll and crawl into the shower with me. He has also ripped our alarm sensor out of the wall several times. Do all toddlers do this? I have to watch him every second of the day because he is into EVERYTHING!!
Is it worse because I have a toddler that happens to be ALL BOY or are all toddlers this way? What are some crazy things your kids do?

I promise he is not hurting her

Someone get me a spoon because I could just eat him up


  1. Your post made me laugh so hard! My Abby and Ali are the same way and she only crawls...I cant imagine when she can walk! We are moving back to Nashville soon, so we need to introduce the two babies. On a side note, I know you work at a daycare..any suggestions for the Hermitage area? Im flying in two weeks from today to look. Im so nervous about finding a good one!

  2. I don't know of any places in the Hermitage area but I have a friend that has been in the business for several years that I trust. I will facebook her and ask her if she knows of any in that area.

  3. Thanks! You know my email if you want to send me suggestions!