Thursday, October 29, 2009

Landon the dragon

At mother's day out Landon was able to dress up in his halloween costume. This year he is a dragon. Here are a few pictures in his costume. For halloween we are going to Jason's childhood church for their annual truck or treat. Besides truck or treating they have cotton candy, popcorn and hot dog stands. We have never attended so we are looking forward for a fun night out and spending time with Jason's family.


  1. OMG...he is so freaking adorable! We decided not to do a costume this year since she is so young (and they are so expensive!). But as I see everyone's costumes, I might be regreting it....

  2. Ann, I got this one at BRU 50% off. We ended up paying $13.00 for it. It will be used again Im sure. ;o)

  3. ooooh that is the CUTEST costume!!! I love it!