Friday, June 28, 2013

Wilderness at the Smokies

Last weekend Landon and I along with our good friends Brady and his mom Sarah spend the weekend at the Wilderness at the Smokies. It is Tennessee's largest indoor/outdoor water-park.

Ready for our road trip
As soon as we arrived we changed into our swimsuits and headed for the water parks

They have 2 outdoor water parks and 1 indoor water park

Here are the boys playing water basketball

Our family visited the Wilderness last summer and Landon was a tad to short for sliding on the slides by himself. This year he was just tall enough to go down all of them by myself. 

Here is Landon going down alone 
It was so fun watching him have a great time. This summer has been the best yet. This is the first summer where he is really able to swim alone and ride all the rides without me
Brady and Sarah

So excited be able to ride together
At night we played arcade games
Lazy river was my favorite
The boys also loved playing on this snake in the pool

We had a great weekend with Sarah and Brady. I am really trying to do lots of fun things with Landon this summer before he goes to Kindergarten in 7 weeks.
Happy weekend!

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