Sunday, June 9, 2013

Random Happenings Part 2

Just an update and some random pictures for today's post

This is how Landon naps these days. If were in the van anytime between 4 and 5:30 he usually falls right to sleep
Speaking of the van. We got a DVD system installed in the van a few days ago. Were going to love this for our long trips were taking for vacation this summer.
I finally hung up my mothers day gift. Jason and the boys had a race medal and bib holder made for me to display my running accomplishments. 
I ran through a sobriety check point the other day. That was a first and kinda fun. The things you come up on  while running.
We just completed VBS last week. This was Friday the last day of VBS which was wacky tacky day
I have had this planter for a few years and I really wanted to change it this year. So I decided to spray paint it.
At first I thought I wanted it to be red to match my red front door. Then after I painted it I thought it was too much red on the porch.
So I re painted it this blue color. I like it much better with the flower and my red front door

Yesterday we went out on our friends pontoon boat. Everyone had a blast

Now that VBS is over were now just waiting on vacations to get here. 

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