Monday, June 24, 2013

Change for a Chance 5K and Ladies Night

Over the last 7 weeks I had the privilege to mentor a group of Couch to 5K runners who wanted to race in their 1st 5K. My running group hosted the C25K program and I was placed in a group of about 15 runners. The 3.1 miles that we ran was the Change for a Chance Race. An organization that helps women and children get back on their feet.
This is our running group with all the C25K participates 
Two of the runners from my group, who also happen to be very close friends. ;o)
Sarah, Melissa and myself before the race
And after the race. They both did AMAZING for their 1st 5K race. I was so happy to help them along this journey and pace them to a great time

 The next night Fleet Feet hosted a ladies night at one of their stores.
They had a planking contest. Lisa and Lauren were our brave volunteers
Lisa held her plank for 6 minutes and came in 3rd place. She's a machine
Great group of ladies from my running club

Happy Monday!

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