Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Day Program

Today Landon had his Thanksgiving Day program. It was a quick little program where they sang a few songs and then we had a snack with them.

This was right before the program. I was able to step out of my room and get a quick picture
Landon's class were the drumsticks so they wore drumsticks on their head
I gave up dressing Landon months ago because it was a battle I was tired of fighting. This is what he choose to wear today. Very festive I know ;o)
Singing with his classmates

All of the Pre-k classes
 Hard to believe he is in Pre-K and this is his last Thanksgiving day program at his preschool
Daddy came to watch
The crafts he made for us. This is a little Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus in a manger he hand painted
His class also made Christmas light cards with his finger prints as the lights
His place mat with his name and his drumstick hat
Houston's class was in the program as well, but he has had a double ear infection for the last 3 days so he has been out of school all week. Were finally on the mends today.

Today was our last day of school for the week and we are officially on Thanksgiving break. I love being apart of the school system.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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