Thursday, November 8, 2012

Houston's homecoming 1 year later

Today we celebrated Houston's homecoming 1 year later. One year ago today Houston was discharged from the NICU after 67 long, emotional and stressful days. We are so blessed to have him apart of our little family and if I had to experience it all over again I would, but having 2 babies in the NICU is enough for this mama.

Rooming in at the hospital the night before we took Houston home
Coming home outfit
Hard to believe he was this tiny just 1 year ago
Going home at 8 weeks old
Landon holding his little brother for the first time
Here's our little ham today. Happy and most importantly healthy
This kid LOVES my iPhone
and the remote
I cant believe he's 14 months old and has been home for 1 year. He just lights up our lives and we could not love him more. We thank God everyday for this miracle and the outcome of his health. He's such a blessing to so many. We love you Houston.

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