Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving yesterday. My dad and step mom came into town Thursday night from Florida, so we have been enjoying them being here with us for Thanksgiving. Yesterday morning I woke up bright and early to run a 4 miler in Murfreesboro, called the BoroDash.

There were 3,000 runners. Can you believe 3,000 people wanted to run on Thanksgiving morning?
Yes were crazy

A year ago I would have never dreamed I would voluntarily get up at 5:45 am to run 4 miles

Some girlfriends and I at the race

I ran the 4 miles in about 42 minutes. It was a nice and pretty easy run

My dad, Brenda and Landon came to cheer me on

After the race we came home to start cooking. We ate about 1 pm and then I had a little Thanksgiving day nap. After my nap Jason took me to see the last Twilight movie. The boys stayed at home with the grandparents.
We went to an early movie and was back home by 7:30 pm. It was a great day spending time with our family and having the boys enjoy the grandparents. 

Let the holidays begin!

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