Sunday, July 22, 2012

Painted dining room

Well after weeks of having my dining room in shambles, I could not take it anymore. With holidays, birthday parties, family functions, Houston being sick in the hospital and Landon's birthday last weekend I just have not had the time to paint without the boys. So Jason took the boys to swim at his parents house all day Saturday, while I stayed behind and painted all day till it was done.

This is my dining room before

This was the HOT mess I was living with for weeks
I just needed to get started and when I did I was on a roll
The final results. I picked a darker, richer color along with new curtains
I also painted the bottom trim super bright white
If only I could get Jason to install crown molding ;o)
I LOVE my new color and curtains

I hope to have Landon's birthday party post up soon. I am waiting on our photographer to send me the pics. Thanks y'all and have a great week. Only 3 weeks till we go back to school. ;o)

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