Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Landon's 4 year wellness visit

Landon had his 4 year old wellness visit this afternoon. His appointment was at 2pm right in the middle of nap time. BIG mistake on my part for making it that time, he was some what cooperative, but I really think he would have done better first thing in the morning. They asked him to sing his ABC's, count to 10 and recognize shapes, like I said he did these things great, but we had to kinda threaten and bribe him.

Here are his stats:
Weight: 44lbs 2oz---94% percentile
Height: 42 1/2 inches---91% percentile
BMI: 88% percentile

He is in perfect health and we could not be happier. We may have preemie babies, but when their out we sure can grown them, just cant seem to grown them from the inside. 

Landon did fail his hearing test in both ears. He has to go back in 3 weeks to get re-tested. I'm pretty sure he can hear well and his doctor did not seem to concerned about it. However in his defense they did ask a no nap 4 year old to sit still and be very quiet for 2 minutes in each ear. He did his best to be still and quiet, but not enough to pass him. Now if he doesn't pass in 3 weeks then we will explore other options.
Also he did not get his 4 year old shots today, since I dropped the ball on getting his shot records from our previous doctor to our current doctor today he was not able to get them. So when we go back in 3 weeks he will get those as well. 
So I think that about sums up our visit today. I also got some good advice on this 4 year old attitude and sassy stage were going through right now. She gave me a good support system and information on raising stubborn children. 

NO nap Landon did not want his picture taken

Here's to year #4

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