Monday, July 9, 2012

Back to the Hospital and destroyed fence

Well we were discharged from the hospital on July 6th and we were back being readmitted on July 7th. When we got home on Friday July 6th from being in the hospital overnight due to Houston's croup he was great. He came home and had a 3 hour nap and then slept all night till about 5am, when I started hearing the breathing problems he had 2 days before. Well about 10am on Saturday July 7th I took Houston back to  his doctor. They took us back and immediately knew he was having airways restrictions so they gave him another breathing treatment and a steroid shot. With this steroid along with a breathing treatment we were yet again placed in am ambulance and going back downtown to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital. We were taken back to the ER for another breathing treatment and steroid. We finally got Houston's breathing under control and were in the ER for the next 6 hours. After the 6 hour wait they finally decided to keep us over night again for more observation since we were just discharged the day before for the same problem. We got  up to our hospital room and pretty much slept for the rest of the night. The next morning Sunday July 8th he was still having airway restrictions so we had to stay one more day and night for more observations. At this point he has not had any medications for 24 hours but still having the croup in his lungs and in his airways. Houston was not able to leave his room so we all pretty restricted to the hospital room. Jason went home to be with Landon and get him back to normal and I stayed back with Houston last night. So this morning at 7:30am his doctors and nurses came in to do a look over and listen to him. I told them he had a great night sleep and only woke up to eat and his breathing was calm and normal. They gave him the once over and discharged us AGAIN. haha. So Jason came to pick us up this morning and we were out of there by 9am. We are all home again and after 4 days back and forth downtown I hope we are able to stay put for the week. Thank you for all the phone calls, FB messages and texts checking up on Houston and his progress. I feel pretty sure Houston caught this nasty croup virus from the Publix race car cart last Sunday. So please wash all surfaces your kids come in contact with out in public. I would have never thought that the Croup virus would put us in the hospital for 4 days, but it did.
So now we are back home, I hope. 

O and remember my new gate we just had put in 4 weeks ago?
We came home after our 1st night in the hospital and came home to this tree that destroyed our new gate.
I mean really? It could have not feel on the gate more perfectly to destroy it. It couldn't fall on my 15 year old fence, but no it falls on my 4 week old new gate. Insurance is covering it and the tree has already been cut down and removed. The new gate is being installed this week.
When it rains it pours

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