Friday, July 6, 2012

A night at Children's Hospital

Well the last 24 hours have not exactly been what we have expected, but that's life right? On July 4th Houston started to have a real deep croupy cough along with his breathing being very wheezy. He was happy all day and acted like his normal self. Well July 4th night he started breathing real heavy and the wheezy started to get real bad. About 5am on July 5th I came really close to taking him to the ER, but he didn't seem like he was having a hard time breathing or gasping for air he just had the wheezing and seal cough. I just knew he had croup. Well I have been battling a sinus infection myself, so Jason took Houston to the pediatrician first thing yesterday morning while I stayed home with Landon. Not even an hour later I got a call from Jason saying yes Houston has a several case of croup and he is being ambulanced to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital for breathing treatments and an oral steroid and that we will most likely be spending the night there. So I packed Landon a bag for staying the weekend with Jason's parents. I packed Jason and I an over night bag and other things we may need for Houston. I meet my mother-in-law at the hospital where we did the Landon swap and I walked back to the ER where Jason and Houston were.

When I walked in Houston was playing with his leads, acting happy as ever
He wanted mommy to hold and rock him

They got his breathing under control and he was able to drink some apple pedia light
Getting one more breathing treatment before we go to our room for the night. They wanted us to stay the night just to observe Houston and make sure he didn't have any problems breathing thought the night or any reactions to his steroid
See his little stint? That helps to protect his IV so he didn't rip it out
Being moved to our room

Finally settled in for the night
Houston had a great night. He received his last round of oral steroids about 1:30am this morning. His oxygen stats were at 100% and breathing with no difficulty. So we were able to be discharged this afternoon

Leaving the hospital at about noon today.

Houston just caught a nasty case of the croup virus somewhere in the last few days. So be careful out there and use sani wipes.

He still has some wheezing and the seal cough, but a huge improvement from the last 48 hours.

I give a BIG thank you to our awesome pediatrics's office for responding very quickly and giving Houston a steroid, calling the ambulance and getting my baby to the ER very quickly. Also we really LOVED Vandy Children s Hospital. We have never been there and they were so nice, very accommodating, knowledgeable and LOVED on Houston.

He also turned 10 months old on July 3rd, but obviously I have not had time to take his picture or update his stats. Hopefully able to do that when things start getting back to normal.

Happy Friday!!

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