Friday, June 1, 2012

Landon's swim lessons

Landon had swim lessons all this week and today was his last day. We tried someone new this year. I have had several friends recommend him and that he is wonderful and most children can swim in just a few lessons with him. Landon loves the water and loves to jump in off the diving board, but he could not jump in without his float or floaties. After this week I am so impressed with his progress that I signed him up for another week with his swim coach in July. Here are a few pictures I took with my new iPhone this week.

Landon floating the first day. He was so relaxed he was singing a song.

Happy to be at swim lessons today
He dove to the bottom of the pool to get this ring
Here is a video of Landon jumping off the diving board, floating on his back and then swimming to the ladder. He learned all this in just 1 week. I was a very proud mommy.
I was so happy with his progress he made this week. Cant wait to see what he learns with another week in July.

Speaking of phone pictures. I jumped on the bandwagon and bought an iPhone this week. So I have been playing with the pictures and videos. Plus I am loving Face Time.

Happy Friday!

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  1. Beautiful darling! What do u say about following each other? Kisses from Romania!